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positive vibes -

If you are starting to feel a deep love for your unwashed loungewear or Netflix has become your go to best friend take a wee gander over our 5 top tips for finding some positivity in your life.

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home school, homeschooling, lockdown, positive vibes -

We may be in another Lockdown but we can learn a lot from the last one!

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mindset, PT -

Our second blog post from PT Lynsey Goodyear who shares with us her experiences of 'changing the mindset' during lockdown. 

Firstly you need to sit down and think about the reasons WHY you exercise. Why did you go the gym or sign up for those classes or train for that marathon? Is it for aesthetic reasons? Physical or mental health reasons? Fun?

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Brand designer, guest blog, Rebecca Watson -

I’m no stranger to working from home. When I worked in-house as a designer, I often had to work from home due to a print deadline coming up or if we were at an event. But working from home full time is quite another matter.

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isolation, positive vibes -

Isolation is bizarre; unprecedented and tough and no one knows when it will end. But I for one am all for us learning about ourselves and making those little changes that we can take with us after all this is over. Life will never be normal again and maybe that’s not a bad thing if our next normal is better.

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