Do We Blame Covid Or Brexit?

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Do We Blame Covid Or Brexit?

This is just a quick one and one I am just leaving here and then running to hide behind the sofa after I click send!
Over this last 18 months things haven't exactly gone to plan for the world have they and as a direct result of that there has been some pretty major knock on effects to businesses and even this little drop of a business I have the pleasure of running.
Now before I go in to the doom and gloom shiz, just know I thank you for following my pages; for buying from me when I know times have been incredibly hard for so many of you and for keeping me going in every sense of the word! I am so relieved that Ruby and Bean was able to carrry on when I know other businesses had to change or even go under.
Now to the shizzy bit. Over the course of the last 18 months I have had to endure innumerable price increases to the point where I was dreading opening emails from my suppliers! 
Here is just a quick idea of what I was facing weekly at some points: 
Dear customer,

We have been notified by several of our brands about imminent price increases that are having to be applied to offset a number of contributory factors that are happening globally at present.

From all the brands that have advised of these changes, these are the main reasons for these increases:

• Further increases in the cost of raw materials. The price of cotton has risen by almost 90% since its low of April 2020 and is now on its highest price since 2018. Polyester is rapidly increasing due to oil prices and demand.

• The rise of freight and container costs. Surging demand for goods and a shortage of empty containers at Asian ports have sent container-shipping costs rocketing. Since November, the cost of shipping a 40-foot container from Asia to Europe has risen more than three-fold, from around $2,200 to over $7,900. That can add 5% to the cost of goods alone.
And the business woman in me (who is miniscule, like barely even there small!) had to make some changes because when I done a few post it note style accounts I realised I wasn't actually able to pay myself thanks to not only these prices rises but rises in postage costs, labels, marketing assests and everything else you can think of that it takes to run a small business.
So if you have scanned the website and noticed some prices rises I promise they are done out of necessity and not greed and even though I love Ruby and Bean like a my own child - my real child needs fed and clothed and that's ultimately what I go to work for. 
What I will try and keep to is discounts when I can, online sales when I find myself in a surplus of ready mades and other one off ideas I can to give a little back to you wonderful people who go out of your way to support small businesses.
Thanks for reading and now you will find me hiding behind the sofa and I will only come out for chocolate or gin x

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