Finding Our Vibe Again

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Finding Our Vibe Again

 If you’ve followed us from the beginning you may have seen Ruby and Bean change on a number of occasions….design changes; colour changes; product changes are all part of the business and ones we always love to make to keep us on our toes and give you the customer something new to look at.

Moving from traditional cotton to organic and recycled fabrics was a major change for us and a risk we are proud to have taken even if we are still playing catch up and convincing people it’s a change for the best.  Other changes we make tend to suit the business; suit the needs of the customer or suit fashion trends.

Yet as we move in to 2020, certain changes will happen to suit us. Since starting Ruby and Bean our lives have not only changed but so have our values and our intentions for the business and as we continue to love our baby brand, we need it to work with us and be what we love. If we don’t love it we can’t sell it right?

Both of us love being active (mostly to keep us both sane!) and its something we are passionate about promoting so one side of Ruby and Bean you may see more of is our popular activewear range and you can trust us when we say it has been trialled and tested – its been kickboxed in; ran in; squatted in and worked in. We sell what we love to wear and that means you can be assured it will work for you too.

As we develop our new ideas, you may notice certain things leave the website (the eagled eye ones may have noticed a distinct lack of kids wears already!) but as we take things away, new things will appear - things that we continue to love and things to improve our work/life balance. The way we have ran the business has been somewhat all encompassing, and we need some time back to continue loving what we do.

Rest assured, the staples will stay…. snoods, hoodies and tees will always be there! New designs will always flow, and we will continue to offer a huge choice to the best customers we could ask for just with the understanding that we can’t do everything anymore. Man alive, life is busy as working boss mamas and we cannot thank you enough for the continued support as we take Ruby and Bean in to its third and hopefully best year yet!




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