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Our 'Environmentally Aware' Make Over

Ruby and Bean is having a make over!
So we aren’t afraid to admit that occasionally we have a tendency to make hasty business decisions amongst the ranks of Ruby and Bean (What’s that?? Spice Girls are touring?? Get a Wannabe screen made quick sharp! ~ is just one example!)
Well, the new changes we have deliberated over. We have pondered, we have researched, we have messaged each other in the small hours of the morning. It is safe to say we have put in the leg work when it comes to research and that is why we have made the decision to go almost entirely organic/recycled fabrics. I say almost because well we can’t be perfect and its actually really bloody hard to get everything we love in organic or recycled fabric.
The new changes bring some inevitables such as losing some of our popular colours and our prices will increase slightly on some products but rest assured, we will always aim to make our products affordable which is incredibly important to us!
Changing our hoodies, sweaters and tees to an organic/recycled fabric material
Using environmentally friendly inks for screen printing.
Sourcing recyclable/biodegradable packaging of which is nearly all in place!
We never EVER send clothes to landfill – they either go to charity or get recycled.
We only wash the dishes once a week to save on water (he he he )
Offering an Upcycling option to our customers so that they can relove something they already own rather than it going to landfill/buy more (On average each UK resident creates up to 70kg of fabric waste each year!)
Personally, thinking about the clothes we buy. Do we want to buy lots of cheap clothes that don’t last or do we want to buy something of value that we can keep and feel good about wearing?
But WHY are we doing it?
Truthfully – guilt!
Guilt from saying we need to do more and not actually doing it.
 Guilt from knowing that the ‘fast fashion’ industry is one of the biggest contributors to global pollution (actually second only to oil due to the use of pesticides, carcinogens etc etc!)
Guilt from knowing our little mini people are so aware of what is right and wrong when it comes to saving the planet and are so passionate about it (just ask Ted about his letters to cafes regarding their use of plastic straws!) so how could we not try and help!
Guilt from believing in one thing and trying to do our bit but not making our business follow suit!
We have opened a whole new can of worms when trying to make our business more environmentally friendly and we are definitely making some huge improvements as you may have seen. We will continue to source the best in organic/recycled fabric fashion for both adult and kids and we will aim to think more carefully about everything we use within our business.
If you have any suggestions which you feel would help our Sustainable mission then please email us at

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