Spring is Springing

Spring is Springing

Well what a difference a bit of sun can make and the daffodils are blooming which is quite frankly blooming wonderful! Next stop will be beach trips and ice cream vans and that makes me a wee bit giddy actually.

It does seem early but bring it on I say...my winter days need to come to an end or I fear I may never enjoy civilisation again. A mere trickle of sun light is enough to lift everyone's mood and it makes even the dark days a bit easier and as for the lighter nights well that just means we get a walk in after the school pick up and before the mad rush of homework; suppertime and the long winded bed time routines. If you follow us on Instagram and watch our haphazard stories you'll see we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country so to finally get some blue skies and dry days to enjoy it even more is just bliss. Living the country life can have its limitations like a distinct lack of Ikeas, Topshops and Zaras but when we get to be at a lake or beach in 10 minutes we shouldn't really complain (but I do...frequently!)

Our new range has come at just the right time too, new colours and screens are perfect to celebrate the joy of Spring!

One of my personal favourites is Be Nice...we love the spread of the Be Kind movement - ours is just in a more Cumbrian sentiment. We don't really say 'Be Kind' round these here parts but if you squabble with your sibling you might hear a sharp 'Be Nice'; when you watch your child go off to play you may just remind them to 'Be Nice'; when you see a dodgy photo on Facebook you're desperate to share on your what's app group you may even utter the words internally...BE NICE!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all follow and use this positive mantra but lets be realistic sometimes we all need a good scream and shout and man alive that's good too!

Chill Out...this was maybe our reminder to each other that we need to in fact chill out. Running a new business alongside bringing up a small family can be at times fraught (that's a polite way of saying manic AF) but we love what we do and long may it last! Here's to a new successful collection and don't be fooled, this is not it for Spring 2019, we have so many ideas and cannot wait to introduce more Ruby and Beanness to our page and website.

As always...thanks a bloody million for keeping up with us and keeping us going! 


Louise x


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