The joys of Winter!

The joys of Winter!

Well it seems Winter is here...better late than never I suppose! Living in the Lake District can bring with it such beautiful scenes, the snow capped fells glistening in the winter sun; the frozen lakes just ready for some stone throwing...the lethal driving conditions; the slush that should be snow but couldn't make its bloody mind up and the incessant "I want to go sledging/I'm too cold/I want to build a snowman (bet you sang that last bit too!)" arguments with the mini dictators. Huh, bring me a predictable Cumbrian summer any day, at least that way we know how to dress! That's right, the same old winter clothes but you pack a raincoat wherever you go and maybe forget the vest from June through to August.

Despite my obvious distaste for the "Winter that never quite made it", one thing it does allow for is nights in....all hail the nights in! Stove on, film ready and lights out before 8pm all washed down with a glass of the red stuff. Now, at certain times of the year I can be quite social especially if it involves a walk at one of the many lakes we have on our doorstep and a cake stop but this time of year I'm afraid I'd rather be locked away in my cave, not answering the house phone and catching up on Instagram stories where I can at least pretend the strangers on their are living their best lives for me. A combination of still living through the dreaded grief process and cold AF conditions means I might just drag these cave living conditions out until at least March so if you need me....make an Instagram story and tag me in it and I'll try my best to get back to you whilst simultaneously ignoring my husband and the joys of farming he fails to impress me with!

PS The fact that its freezing and the chance of snow does mean having your own clothes brand works a treat! We are all decked out in hoodies and onesies and pretend we are test driving them...actually we are both just tight and like to pretend these a free gifts so don't listen to Amy if she says otherwise!


Louise x

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