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What isolation is teaching me.

Well it’s taken me more than four weeks to actually sit down and write something and I can’t exactly blame being busy now can I.
That’s the funny thing with this period of time we are going through, we suddenly have all the time in the world and we are still to busy to complete something (or is that just me?) One thing I have learnt about myself is that I am programmed to always be busy or doing ‘work’, when I’m not I feel a sudden pang of guilt or like I haven’t accomplished something in the day. As this isolation period continues though I am slowly realising that my accomplishments aren’t just work or doing a job. I suddenly feel like I have been given my maternity leave back, a time I treasured more than anything as I could just sit and stare at my baby day in day out and if she went to bed fed, watered and happy then my ‘job’ was done. 6 years on, I am getting those precious feelings back albeit the demands have changed and the baby is long gone but seeing her personality shine and making sure she is fed, watered and happy by bed time is better than any sale I could make. I’ll be honest, we have failed at home-schooling (which is a whole other blog post!) and I have not made a single banana bread or cleaned out a cupboard but the memoires in the bank will be different for everyone and ours will predominately feature lambs, too much food and time in the sun just being us.  
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A part of me that hasn’t changed though is that I still need my own space – at least an hour a day or hell hath no fury like a woman with a shadow. I’ve always been the same and yes, yes, yes I love my daughter and yes I cherish the aforementioned precious moments but god I need some alone time too! My go to is weights or a HIIT workout and thank god for some awesome classes online during this time! I’ve loved carrying on with kickboxing via zoom and met some amazing ladies who take me through workouts in my living room (which by the way is my now preferred way to exercise!) Exercise is my release and as well as meaning I don’t vegetate on the sofa day in day out it also helps me mentally; I can shut off from the world or burn off any excess energy which can often lead to anxiety if I let it. Just 30 mins a day can make the world of difference to how you feel, it can release endorphins to make you feel better and definitely reduces stress! Even a walk or reaching your 10,000 steps can be the accomplishment you need at the end of the day to go to bed feeling content.
Isolation is bizarre; unprecedented and tough and no one knows when it will end. But I for one am all for us learning about ourselves and making those little changes that we can take with us after all this is over. Life will never be normal again and maybe that’s not a bad thing if our next normal is better.

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